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  • How do I target potential customers and how can I evaluate if my marketing is really reaching them?
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How do I target potential customers and how can I evaluate if my marketing is really reaching them?

You should start by setting a goal and trying to understand how best you can achieve that goal. There are a number of services that offer audience targeting, like search advertising, targeted email and Facebook ads. The metrics provided with these tools will be able to tell you if you’re actually reaching your audience. However, the best indicator is always conversion rate, which is the number of people who have clicked on your search ad, social ad or email and actually turned into customers. Although some providers promise big numbers through impressions, those aren’t actually the best indicator of quality leads. Always look for good conversion percentages.

As the industry continues to change, so too do the skills which marketers need to succeed. So, to keep up with this ever-increasing demand, the SquarEDU specializes in providing a variety of courses and qualifications on the latest practices. Whether you are looking to grow your skill set with short courses ranging from copywriting in digital to data management, or you’re looking to future-proof your career and study for one of our professional qualifications, the SquarEDU has a course to meet your needs.

(The only option for survival of the course and the students enrolling in them are radical upgrade of the course ware and deploying modern methods of study. Some educational institutions having realised this are now offering specialisation courses like BCom with e-commerce, BSc in IT and BBA and MBA with Digital Marketing. These courses, which were a drag to study, are now enjoyable for a student and offer much better retention as the student is able to connect with real life scenarios like study of online shopping models, e-commerce and e-banking transaction systems, consumer behavior and IT technologies and systems at play. There are many institutes that are also offering four-year integration programme  with dual degree of Bachelor and Master along with internships and student exchange programme).

Whether the objective is career progression or simply to perform better than competitors, marketers need to embrace continuous learning. But the key question is, ‘who will teach them?’. Theoretical marketing is one thing, but in order to generate results and provide real opportunities for improvement, marketers need to be taught by hands-on, experienced marketing specialists. And this is where the SquarEDU can help.