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Google AdWords Tools

Google has an API known as Google AdWords. This API (Google AdWords) is an advertising platform for advertisers, from where anyone can promote their business by displaying their Google Ads on Google search engine and its search partners. Advertiser have to pay only when a user clicks their Ad.
Google AdWords provide many tools to help us for optimize, planning, preview and history changes etc. in our AdWords account. Here are some of Google AdWords Tools.
Google AdWords Tools-Keyword Planner:-
Having the right keywords is the key to getting your ads to show on relevant searches but if you not sure which one Keyword insert that what’s Google AdWords Tool-“Keyword Planner” comes in. This free Google AdWords Tool can help you to build and expand your search network campaigns. This Google AdWords Tool make it easy to find new keywords by helping you research keyword that might be relevant to your product or service, landing page or product categories and to get historical statistics and search volume and also you can create a new list of keywords by multiplying two or more keywords list.
Google AdWords Tools-Change History:-
Change History tool tells you that what changes had been done in AdWords account from the time when the account was starts to the till date, or you can also view the changes for a particular date range. Filter feature is also available in this Google AdWords Tool. With this feature you can filter the categories (Ad changes, Keyword changes, Targeting changes etc.) that you need. If other people have also access of that account by using their own login id, then you can see that who made what changes in account by using change History Tool.
Google AdWords Tools-Ad Preview and Diagnosis:-
Sometimes you want to see if and how your Ad is showing up for different keywords but there can be problem with that, you might be excluded on your IP Address to stop your employee and co-workers from seeing your Ad and spending your budget or maybe you targeting Delhi but you are sitting in Kolkata and even if you are eligible to see your Ad you don’t want to! Remember every impression counts and if you see your Ad you have got 1 or 2 bad decision to make. First you click on Ad and have to pay for that click. Second you cannot click on Ad and then an impression out of click counts in your CTR and have an impact on your quality score. So how do we get to see whatever our Ad is looks like and how do we make sure that the locations and languages were targeting are actually working? Well, we do this with the Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool. In this tool write a keyword to simulate to Google search and the tool will tell us it is showing ads for that keyword or not and even better we can set option to simulate Google searches on different Google properties with different languages from different devices and for different locations. So Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool can help you quickly understand how your ad is being shown for different searches to different segments You can use it as much as you can without accruing any impression or click that effect your actual campaign.
Google AdWords Tools-Google Analytics:-
It is greaten to know how your customer start browsing in your site? What they did in your site? and If they took any action that consider valuable. Well, with Google Analytics you can track with free. The ability to get better understands of your customers is one of the greatest part of doing some business online and Google Analytics delivers who, what, when, where and how for your website. Every business can benefits from Google Analytics, from large global companies to one person shops. With Google Analytics you will get answers to key questions such as;
  • How many people visiting ti my website?
  • How much time they spend on my site?
  • Did they find my site through Google, other search engines or other websites?
  • Where did they live in my website and why?
Google AdWords Tools-Conversion/Conversion Tracking:-
Conversion Tracking is a free Google Adwords Tool that shows you what happens after a customer clicks on your ads. Where they purchase a product, sign up your newsletter or fill the form to get more information. The tracking actions known as conversions, you know which ads, keywords and campaigns bring you a business. This helps to you invest more wisely in best one’s and alternately boost your ROI. With Conversion Tracking you are able to select what you want to track like a purchase on your site, a form submission and phone calls, etc…  How the Conversion Tracking work actually? Well, you add a small snippet in HTML and Java Script code into your web page. Specifically the page is your customer lands on after completing the conversion action. Like a thanku page after a purchase. When the user lands on this page the Conversion Tracking Code will let AdWords know that the click on this ad led to this conversion. Once you track your site, the conversion section sets as a Reporting conversions and you will be able to view conversion data in your account.